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This is the place to give love and honor to those who have been lost before they were born. Whether your child was miscarried, stillborn or aborted, the love you may have for that child will remain forever. Since in most cases, we don't have burials for these little ones to remember them by, an online memorial can be a helpful alternative.
Dedicated to healing generations of pain associated with the loss of aborted children. The Memorial features a fifty foot granite "Wall of Names" which holds small brass plates with words of remembrance placed by mothers, fathers and other family members from all over the country. The Memorial also includes the original painting "I Will Hold You In Heaven," historical markers, and a Remembrance Garden. The Pool of Tears is dedicated to the memory of children lost to miscarriage. Plates on the "Wall of Names" are for aborted children only.  |
Using advanced face detection technology, you can get a very good idea what your baby will look like. Upload the two photos and see your baby in seconds!

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Healing the Hurt (Spanish)
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Healthy Pregnancy
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Choosing the Best For Your Baby (Spanish)
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