Faster Pastor Race

RacingEach summer (usually in June), the LaCrosse Fairgrounds Speedway hosts one our most popular events, the Faster Pastor Race, as one of their annual novelty races that is truly fun for the whole family. Each pastor is donated a hobby stock car and races around the track for four laps in an effort to raise money for the Agape Pregnancy Resource Center of LaCrosse, WI. It gives them a chance to abandon the rules of the road for a chance to burn some rubber. What a brave group of race car drivers to donate their cars to local pastors to drive for this fundraiser!

Half the price of the tickets will be given to Agape to support their crisis pregnancy services. Prizes are awarded to the top three pastors with the fastest times. Special thanks to Tomah Trophy for donating these trophies each year.

In addition to the annual race, the churches also bring in goodies for the Bake Sale on the premises, to raise additional funds for Agape Pregnancy Resource Center. All of the proceeds from the bake sale go toward the Center's ministry efforts. Both pastors and fans alike always enjoy revving up for this family oriented event, with friendly banter between congregations, fan cheering sections with banners and signs, and a great spirit of community as they raise awareness for Agape and their community support services. Join the Agape for an exciting evening cheering on your favorite pastor, while munching on some delicious goodies baked up by the wonderful members of our area supporting churches! Click here for a map and directions to the Faster Pastor Race event.

Helpful Bake Sale Suggestions

  1. Bake, cook, or mix-up any kind of homemade goody that can be eaten without utensils.
  2. Cut and package your goodies in clear baggies, plastic wrap, etc.
  3. Mark the price on each goody. (Use your own judgment, but remember, we want everything to sell.)
  4. Bring your goodies to the race track the night of the race. In the past we have had a table right inside the main gate.
  5. Some suggestions of what to make: Rice Krispy bars, cookies, brownies, peanut butter balls, caramel corn, cinnamon rolls, a whole pie, etc.

Come and have fun watching our pastors race against each other for the "Faster Pastor" awards! For more information or to order tickets, call the Agape Pregnancy Resource Center at 608.784.4966.