Choose Life License Plate

Drive for life with a "choose life" plate!

Choose Life Wisconsin License PlateSupport Life Centers while you drive! You will show others on the road that you "drive for life" while helping women in unplanned pregnancies choose life for their babies!

The Choose Life Wisconsin plate fees include an issuance fee of $15, plus an annual $25 tax-deductible contribution, in addition to the regular registration fee. This contribution will go to Choose Life Wisconsin, Inc., and then distributed to various Wisconsin Pregnancy Resource Centers.

When you request Choose Life Wisconsin license plates, you pay:

  • $25 annual donation. The donation may be deductible if you itemize your income tax returns.
  • $15 issuance fee or an annual $15 personalized plate fee, if requested.
  • The regular registration fee for your vehicle if your current plates expire within three months or you have no plates.
  • At each plate renewal, you will pay the $25 donation and the regular registration fee for non-personalized Choose Life Wisconsin plates.

DMV Service Centers do not issue Special or Personalized License Plates. You ​must mail in your application.

To apply or for more information, please click the button below.